Cristino S. Nannarone
Actor (TV, Film, Voice) - Comedian - Writer - Host

Cris has been working professionally in Television, Film and Stage for over 25 years. With over 3,500 live performances Cris has earned the badge of veteran road warrior. He has traveled throughout North America headlining and hosting comedy clubs, festivals, conferences, pageants and everything in between.

Cris’ comedic style is traditional stand-up — a microphone and an audience (no shiny stuff). His material is inspired by his own life — personal experiences, misunderstandings and mix-ups, “I exaggerate everything that annoys or confuses me,” he says. “I don’t do much on the opposite sex, they scare me.”

Cris grew up in an Italian family, full of laughs, passion and lots of great food. “My mother was the best cook I’ve ever known, I’m not, I’m a good at making reservations and ordering pizza. 

As well as being a sought after character Actor & Comedian, Cris is also the Host co-writer of the popular food competition series ‘Best In Chow’, – The Ultimate search for the best Food in every town city or hamlet, currently airing on CMT Canada & The Cooking Channel, The Food Network U.S. as well as other broadcasters worldwide.

Cris’ unique child-like enthusiastic personality combined with the fact that he is a complete blank page in terms of culinary creation make him a refreshing delight in the ubiquitous food show revolution. 
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